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MLB DFS picks for FanDuel: 8/1

Aaron Judge

Yes, the season may be on the rocks. Yes, your season-long team doesn’t matter. But daily fantasy sports still matter. We only have to commit to one day for each foray, and that’s darn appealing to me given the current pandemic environment. Yours truly spends his time on FanDuel…sue me. Picking one pitcher is easier…

Week 2 Streamers, Part 2

Steven Matz

The first part of Week 2 streamers is here, and shouts to Merrill Kelly for the strong turn. Unfortunately, we lost Pablo Lopez at home against the Orioles…lame! Honestly, I don’t know why I need to link the first article. Those days are gone now. Anyway, moving on. I’m gonna chill on the crazy streaming…

Hot Takes: 2020 Award Winners

Josh Bell

The 2020 baseball season is right around the corner and we have no idea what to expect. Players such as Buster Posey, David Price, Ian Desmond, and more have already opted out of playing in 2020, while others are testing positive for COVID-19 or have yet to report to their team’s summer training camp. It’s…