Who is playing MLB DFS Wars in 2021?

The pandemic threw us for a loop last year, and MLB DFS Wars didn’t happen. But this year, the contest has a little breath of life. Here are some particulars if you are interested in playing:

In order to compete in daily fantasy’s duel of the degenerates, some simple criteria must be met:

  1. You produce fantasy baseball content (writing, podcasting, tweeting, etc.)
  2. You are willing to pony up $100 to play. All will be housed on LeagueSafe.
  3. You are not a jerk.

No. 3 is no joke. This is a positive group of individuals. The goal is to have fun on Fridays–this year we are considering 10 consecutive weeks of MLB DFS on DraftKings on the large Friday night slates. Yours truly will create a custom link to share out each week. All you have to do is click, and plug in your (alleged) winning picks.

We’ll take a bit off the top of our buy-ins and donate to charity. Last time it was fantasycares, this year it is TBD. If there’s a charity you feel strongly about, I’d love to hear about it!

Here’s a sample breakdown of payouts, assuming we get 20 people to play:

Sample Payout Structure:

20 participants = $2,000 total
$200 to charity (10%)
$200 to overall winner
$100 to runner-up
$1500 remaining to divvy out over 10 weeks–say, $75, $40, $20, $10, $5 (not strict on this, we can decide how many spots). In the past, most touts have agreed that even winning $5 is cooler than winning zero. It’s nice to see a little green beside your name on the leaderboard!

Here’s the list of current participants (with Twitter handles and affiliations). We are up to 19 after a day. Let’s get 40 people in here and double that charitable component and those prizes!!!

@Heath Capps – MLB editor at SB Nation’s Fake Teams
@BrocNessMonster – FTN Fantasy
@Ray_Kuhn28 – FWFB, FantasyAlarm
@bigitaly42 – BettingPros
@SethDaSportsMan – Twitter punditry
@MattTruss – Razzball
@coachesser – FSWA, FantasyPros, The Athletic (Fantasy)
@davithius – Pitcher List, Fantrax, Rotoballer
@Roto_Wan – FantasyAlarm
@jac3600 – FTA, FantasyPros
@mdrc0508 – RotoFanatic
@Bankster17 – Bankster DFS
@AndrewGould4 – FantasyPros, Pitcher List, Bleacher Report
@JonPgh – Rotoballer
@Mark_Kieffer – Rotoballer
@FAmmiranteTFJ – Rotoballer
@BChad50 – FantasyPros, numberfire
@DrJesseMorse – The Fantasy Doctors
@DaveShovein – Rotoworld
@ThunderDanDFS – Rotoballer, FSWA

Start date is May 7th! If you’re a pundit in any form and you’re into MLB DFS, drop a line in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at heath capps and we will tell you more about the contest. In short, I’d love to donate my money to you, and to charity. Let’s do this!

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