Fantasy Baseball Hitting Planner: April 12 – April 15

Okay folks, here’s your snapshot of the first part of next week (Monday through Thursday). I realize I’m not giving you a full week’s picture here. I’m operating under the assumption that you can manage your team…mostly. I’m hoping to “fine tooth comb” things a bit, and see what sticks out in certain matchups.

You can find the link to this week’s hitting planner HERE. Also, I drew HEAVILY on the work of one Mike Kurland. His LINEUP TAKEAWAYS have been invaluable, as (believe it or not) I don’t get to watch every single MLB game every single day. So be sure to check that out. I have referenced Mike multiple times on the actual planner.

Be sure to check out the sheet, but I pulled out a few thoughts for you here…


We do get Coors Field, but in the final three games of the week. The first part of the week, the Rockies travel to the Dodgers to face Bauer, Buehler, and May. That, and it’s only six games for Colorado. Meanwhile, the Mets get a full seven games, and they are the team that travels to Coors on the back half of the week. The Mets do get a four-game set inside the tough NL East with the red-hot Phillies, but still. Brandon Nimmo is only 26% owned on Yahoo, and the man is only slashing a mere .429 at the time of this writing. That, and the Mets have a string of four right-handed starters on tap for the Mon-Thurs slate of games…so Nimmo should have four days of batting leadoff without the pale shadow of Kevin Pillar getting in his way. He’s obviously a stronger play in OBP formats.

Tread lightly with Cubbies against Milwaukee’s stud pitchers

The Cubs will face Freddy Peralta for the second time in just six days…I’d say that bodes a little better for the bats the second time around. But no, I’m not benching Peralta. Also, the Cubbies get Peralta, Brandon Woodruff, and Corbin Burnes…and then no game on Thursday. Hot damn. Maybe you find a better alternative to your weaker Cubs for the early part of this week. And it’s on the sheet, but per Kurland one Javier Baez has been routinely dropped to sixth against righties. Add in that it’s a tough string of righties, and maybe you have a better option for the early part of this week.

Full on fade of Pirates against San Diego’s aces

The Pirates get four matchups with San Diego, and this is the lineup: Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Joe Musgrove (fresh off of a no-hitter), and Chris Paddack. Do we really trust Pittsburgh to even get to the mercurial Paddack? Might we see another no-hitter this week, or something close to one? I’m not excited about any Pirates for the first part of this week.

The White Sox could struggle versus Cleveland’s aces

Chicago will draw four righty pitchers: McKenzie, Bieber, Plesac, and Civale. Adam Eaton could grab four games at leadoff, if you’re desperate. That’s definitely an OBP league play. Luis Robert will likely drop to sixth or so given all the righty matchups. But there’s a glimmer of hope he’s higher up given the injury to Tim Anderson. Still…tough stretch for the Sox here.

Jared Walsh watch…

Per Kurland, Jared Walsh sat the last time the Angels faced a lefty–and with only three games on tap for Mon-Thurs, he could only draw two starts for the early part of this week. Might feel crazy, but he could be someone who takes a seat until Fri-Sat, when the Angels get three home games against Minnesota, likely opening against Matt Shoemaker (from what I can tell). They could get the lefty J.A. Happ, but that’s a lesser lefty, too…CAN THE ANGELS JUST LET WALSH PLAY? DANG.

In summation…

I drew heavily on Kurland’s lineup takeaways, so I hope you check those out. To be honest, I’m not as up on all the trends as far as which teams are hot, and which are cold. I’m just trying to lean into handedness and hitter splits a good bit more, to hopefully squeeze out a little more value in my NFBC lineups. So I hope this helps someone out there, and I look forward to digging deeper as the year wears on. Be sure to check out the sheet for more thoughts on the first part of this week!

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