MLB DFS picks (DraftKings) for Thursday, April 8th: Lance Lynn, Chicago Cubs, cheap Coors pieces

I find myself with a bit more time on my hands than usual today, so here are my (meandering) initial thoughts on the 1:10pm slate of seven games on DraftKings.

No Red Sox against the Batman, but yes to cheap Coors pieces

The fish in me wants to jump all over the Red Sox against Matt Harvey. It just seems so obvious. And I’d normally feel like ownership is going that way, except that there are so many cheap Coors pieces today. Tapia (3700) and Hampson (3200) seem way too low. How are they not even 4K, batting first and second in the order?!? There’s also Cron at 3800, likely batting fifth. And given the injury to Ketel Marte, we could see some value in the Arizona lineup–Pavin Smith (2500) is currently projected to bat second, for instance. All that said, the wind is IN (14mph) in Coors, so maybe today is the day we can get away from that game, too. If I did so, I’d think that I wouldn’t have to worry as much over ownership…fading Coors and fading the stack against Matt Harvey…surely if I did that I can do whatever I want…right?

Cubs stacks for the win? Mets, too

Assuming I could ignore those two spots for offense, the teams that look the shiniest to me are the Mets and the Cubs. My lean is to the Cubs, too, given that Willson Contreras leading off is STUPID for a catcher, and that Anthony Rizzo (who hits lefties well historically) is priced higher than Pete Alonso, which no one will like. There’s no second baseman of any count for Chicago, so that means I can weave in the underpriced Jeff McNeil (3400) from the Mets. Javier Baez (5200) is priced higher than Trevor Story (5100) and Francisco Lindor (4700). And higher than everyone else not named Tim Anderson (who is injured). So then it’s down to Joc Pederson (3800 in the LvL matchup) OR Jake Marisnick (3000 as the RvL killer). I’d still lean Joc for starters, but Marisnick is worth keeping in the back of my mind depending on the how the rest of the lineup shakes down.

Let’s root for E-Rod today…or Jon Gray?

For giggles, let’s say I want to root for E-Rod today…yes, that’s how I’m making lineup decisions. Also, Boston brass have stated that E-Rod has built up enough that they are not overly concerned over his pitch count today, which is encouraging. If I don’t go E-Rod, honestly I’m into Jon Gray as an SP2 today. The Arizona lineup is made WEAK by the absence of Ketel Marte, and the a strong wind is blowing in. I can talk myself into Gray as an SP2 if I try hard enough…

Cheap hitters to round it out…

If I did so and then I looked at some of those cheap Coors pieces, I could weave in Hampson (3200) and then have juuuuuust enough left to get in Sam Hilliard (2500). I know the wind is IN, but both of these guys are speedy and can make hay in that way on the bases. If for some reason (Bud Black) Sam Hilliard doesn’t start, then we could look at Kyle Garlick (2400) who may bat second for Minnesota.

One way to get away from Garlick (who I barely know) is subbing out Joc for Marisnick, then using that extra dough to fund my outfield that way. I don’t hate it.

So….there’s that! Nothing going on here really except trying to stay away from the highest-owned plays, while still being logical. Shred me in the comments. Who are you playing today? Is it silly to get away from full Coors stacks? I just can’t make myself do it…

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