Fantasy Baseball Hitting Planner: April 9 – April 11

We are workin’ for the weekend, folks. And don’t judge me by the song reference, it was before my time. Anyway, you can find the link to the weekend’s hitting planner RIGHT HERE. I hope it helps with lineup-setting. Maybe not as much of an overarching view given that it’s only three days instead of four–so the difference in games played isn’t as drastic on the weekend. But if you know that a certain handedness of pitcher may remove a hitter from contention, that’s something to keep in mind, especially for teams that only have two games on the Fri-Sun slate. Let’s all be thankful Colorado has a string of three righties, eh? Hey Bud Black are you listening? There’s ZERO reason to bench Ryan McMahon this weekend.

Lastly, most projected starters are in BOLD–this means I verified their starts at more than one source. Starters not in bold were only available via, which is the site I use most frequently if it isn’t

Anyway, some light observations of the Fri-Sun schedule are:

Caleb Smith’s demotion from starter to the bullpen has the Arizona rotation in flux. Taylor Widener has moved up from 4/10 to 4/9. I’m not sure who starts on 4/10 for Arizona, but this looks like a great spot for “Blastellanos” and the rest of the Reds that you trust. On the flip side, you can maybe squeeze the one last drop of usefulness out of David Peralta this week, if you’re managing him anywhere. His lone absence of the year was against the lefty Blake Snell, but Arizona is projected to throw three right-handers this weekend. Similarly, Josh Rojas and Pavin Smith would fit the same bill as LHH.

As the Giants are throwing three right-handed pitchers, our lefty bats in Charlie Blackmon, Raimel Tapia, and Ryan McMahon should be safe…right?!? Hell, the lefty Sam Hilliard might even get a pinch-hit appearance (THOUGH HE SHOULD START ALL THREE DAYS, BUD).

One nugget from…Jacob deGrom has beaten the Marlins more than any other team during his career. As the Fish draw deGrom and Marcus “ground ball specialist” Stroman, I’d consider looking elsewhere over the weekend if I was able.

The Rangers are slated to throw three right-handed pitchers against #SlamDiego, so your lefty SD bats in consideration would be: “Rake” (Jake) Cronenworth, Eric Hosmer, Jurickson Profar, and Victor Caratini.

What say you all? Does anything leap out at you for the weekend slate? My first reaction is that this portion of the week wasn’t as exciting to pore through, what with only three days to assess versus four. But maybe one of you heathen can pull something else out of this thing…

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