MLB DFS Wars will return for 2021…thanks to Fanball!

The pandemic meant that last year didn’t happen. But we are hopping back up on that proverbial horse this year. In order to compete in daily fantasy’s duel of the degenerates, some simple criteria must be met:

  1. You produce fantasy baseball content (writing, podcasting, etc.)
  2. You are willing to pony up $100 to play.

And that’s it, and that’s all. The amount that we play for each week (and the overall prize) will be determined by the number of degenerates who compete. More people obviously means more prizes. A few tidbits about this competition…

We began in 2017, but missed out on last year due to the pandemic. My life was kinda crazy.

There will be an overall prize, as well as weekly prizes. Again, this is dependent on how many people decide to play. I will share a rough sketch below as a starting point.

We will drop everyone’s lowest score. Each person will have 15 total scores. This covers you if you happen to “oops” and forget to set a lineup one Friday as you are traveling to some tropical destination. If you happen to “oops” more than once, that’s on you and you likely aren’t finishing anywhere close to the overall prize. However, you can still compete for weekly prizes, so all would not be lost.

We will take of 10% off the top to donate to charity. Last time we donated to fantasycares, but I am open to suggestions. You will have a spot in the google form below to make suggestions.

All monies will be kept on LeagueSafe and distributed at the conclusion of the MLB season (whenever LeagueSafe allows me to divvy out payouts).

All scores and payouts will be tracked using a very high-tech google doc, which yours truly will share with every participant to view.

There is probably something else I’m forgetting. Basically, we are going to have great fun playing DFS and talking friendly trash on Fridays. And we’re really going to enjoy having a home at Fanball! If you have questions, please feel free to comment below, share it in the form, send me an email at, or tweet at me at @HeathCapps. In the immortal words of the Long Rifle, I will find you.

Sample Payout Structure:

20 participants = $2,000 total
$200 to charity
$200 to overall winner
$100 in prizes to divvy out for 16 weeks–say, $50, $30, $15, $5 (not strict on this, we can decide how many spots). In the past, most touts have agreed that even winning $5 is cooler than winning zero.

Lastly, if you are interested in playing or know someone who is, please share this post with them and encourage them to fill out the google form. Yours truly will be in contact with everyone via email, so make sure the email you input is one that you actually check, you goobers.

GET STOKED. MLB DFS WARS RETURNS. Give Fanball all the love to your respective audiences…their platform is awesome and I’m excited to make use of it in 2021!

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