2021 Super Bowl Prop Bets for the Family

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely watching this game with family members. Some, or even many, may not be football fans. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! What follows are 20 questions that should be accessible to even the casual fan–though you may have to explain to someone who Andy Reid is…

Hopefully the formatting isn’t too wonky. If anyone is really gung-ho about this, just DM me on Twitter or leave me a comment, and I’ll send you the link to the google doc. Here goes nothin’:

1How long will the National Anthem be? (Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan performing, average length since ’91 is 1:56)UNDER 1:59OVER 1:59
2Will any player raise a fist during the National Anthem?YESNO
3Will any player take a knee during the National Anthem?YESNO
4Which player will be shown first during the Natl’ Anthem?Tom BradyPatrick Mahomes
5Which player will be shown first during the Natl’ Anthem?Rob GronkowskiTravis Kelce
6Coin Toss (six of the last seven SB coin tosses have been tails)HeadsTails
7How many songs will be played during the SB halftime show?UNDER 8OVER 8
8How many outfits will The Weeknd have during the halftime show?UNDER 0.5OVER 0.5
9Will there be a “wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show?YESNO
10Either team to miss an extra point?YesNo
11Will Patrick Mahomes throw a pass with his left hand?YesNo
12Will the game go to overtime?YesNo
13Gatorade Bath Color (circle one)Orange Red/pink Yellow/green/lime Clear/gray/white (water) Blue Purple/indigo
14What will the MVP’s position be?QBother
15Who will MVP refer to first in his speech? (circle one)Teammates God USA Winning City/Fans Family Coaches Team Owner
16Mentioned first: Brady’s 10th SB or Brady’s age (43)?10th Super BowlAge 43
17How many times will “Belichick” be said?UNDER 1OVER 1
18Andy Reid’s mask will be:Chiefs logoPlain/other
19How many commericals will have a dog in them?UNDER 4.5OVER 4.5
20How many commercials will show someone wearing a mask?UNDER 2.5OVER 2.5

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