Summer Camp Lineup Notes and Takeaways: Saturday 7/18 and Sunday 7/19

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Daily Spring Training Lineup Notes and Takeaways: Saturday 7/18

Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Just about every starter or perceived starter is in and we see Quinn hitting second and Hasley out of the lineup. Quinn has ++ speed. Would be huge for steals and an instant impact off the wire. Quinn May only be batting 2nd because Realmuto is not starting. Quinn still starting in this lineup is promising. Regardless where he’s hitting in lineup.
  • Jay Bruce at DH batting 7th. This is expected. Cheap power bat late in drafts.
  • Segura batting 6th hurts his stock just a bit.
  • Kingery batting 8th. Not terribly surprising but a bummer. Limits the potential.

Washington Nationals

  • V. Robles still out.
  • S. Castro batting 3rd. Cheap RBI bat to target.
  • Kendrick batting 5th. Another cheap RBI bat but higher floor than Castro.
  • A. Cabrera in and Kieboom out. News of them likely splitting time there was reported yesterday.

Cleveland Indians vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Cleveland Indians

  • C. Hernandez leading off. Just like in the early spring training notes from March, they continued this trend. Big boost to his value.
  • – Lindor batting 3rd. Sky really is the limit for him.
  • Jose Ramirez slotted in the two-hole. Perfect place for him. Surrounded by talent and protected nicely by the lineup.
  • Oscar Mercado batting 9th! Just…ouch. This really hurts his value. Far less at-bats at the bottom of the lineup.
  • Tyler Naquin starting in RF and batting 6th, as part of a likely platoon but will get the RHP.
  • Franmil Reyes batting 5th at DH. Status quo here.


Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Where’s Kevin Newman?! Not in lineup. They gave their first round pick some run yesterday. The lineup did lay out in a way that we could see Newman batting at the bottom of it.
  • Jarrod Dyson leading off. Always a value for stolen bases in deep leagues. Will get the chance to build value before trade deadline.


New York Yankees vs New York Mets

New York Yankees

  • Mostly backups in today and that speaks volumes with Tauchman, Ford, Andujar and Frazier all getting playing time. Likely tipping the hand to what we expect in terms of starters who are not getting the reps today.


New York Mets

  • Robinson Cano batting 3rd and I just don’t get why with the talent they have for the middle of the order.
  • Yoenis Cespedes batting cleanup. Could be big-time boost if this is happening daily.
  • J.D. Davis batting 6th and starting at LF. Good to see him getting the nod over Dominic Smith.
  • Wilson Ramos is not starting today. Will likely slot into middle of lineup or possibly the 6th/7th hole at the very worst. Mets have a strong lineup.


Daily Spring Training Lineup Notes and Takeaways: Sunday 7/19

Baltimore Orioles vs Philadelphia Phillies

Baltimore Orioles

  • Austin Hays leading off! Just what we wanted to see! Let Hays show us what he can do.
  • Chris Davis batting cleanup. Can he sustain the early camp success? Can he finally turn it around and be even half the player he once was? Great guy for the Baltimore community and I root for him.
  • Pedro Severino starting at catcher and batting 5th. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but in two-catcher leagues getting a catcher who hits in the middle of the order is a huge plus. Especially one going as late as Severino.
  • Hanser Alberto not batting in the top of the order hurts his stock. Wasn’t being drafted outside of deeper formats but the extra runs you may have hoped for just won’t be there from the six-hole.


Philadelphia Phillies

  • J.T. Realmuto is playing today and batting third with Bryce Harper batting second! That would be interesting. Small bump to Harper and the RBI opportunities but could be a good bump for Realmuto.
  • Jay Bruce bumped up to cleanup today with Rhys Hoskins bumped down to 5th. Looks like they’re still experimenting with things a bit. If Jay Bruce hits in the four or five spot, we can see a sneaky, cheap RBI and power bat late in drafts or an early waiver wire grab. Should play almost daily.
  • Quinn is out today and Haseley is in and batting 9th. Might just be a situation to avoid altogether between the two of them in deeper formats.
  • Appears as though Segura and Kingery are all but surely hitting in the 6-8 spots in the lineup most days. Not ideal but with the talent in this lineup, it’s hard to argue.


New York Mets vs New York Yankees

New York Yankees

  • The lineup is basically the same as yesterday except for one key difference. The Mets are facing a LHP and Brandon Nimmo drops to the bottom of the lineup. It appears he will lead off vs RHP but will hits towards the bottom versus LHP.
  • Wilson Ramos still not in the lineup. Wonder where he slots in the order when he plays?


New York Yankees

  • This Yankees lineup is just loaded.
  • This very much looks like the Opening Day lineup except Urshela SHOULD be playing third base over Matt Duffy.
  • DJ LeMahieu is back and must be feeling better as he is leading off.
  • Judge and Stanton both starting today. They must be healthy enough.
  • Hicks is batting 5th and this spot suits him with his on-base skills. Could be a big boost to the RBI opportunities.
  • Luke Voit is starting but batting 7th isn’t what we all hoped for. Not the worst thing in this lineup but still not favorable.
  • Seeing Gardner batting 8th is a surprise only because they usually slot him higher, but from a fantasy aspect this is perfect. Does he remain there or fall a spot with Urshela in the lineup?


Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

  • Tim Anderson remains at leadoff as expected.
  • Luis Robert batting 6th. I want to be excited but this is with both Yoan Moncada and Nomar Mazara out of the lineup and we know at least Moncada will bat ahead of him so Robert is likely batting 7th or 8th.
  • Will Eloy bat 3rd once Moncada is back? He was consistently hitting in the 5 and 6 hole early in spring training. This would be nice for his value.
  • No sight of Nick Madrigal unfortunately.


Chicago Cubs

  • Kris Bryant is leading off. Runs will be huge but the RBI will take a hit so adjust accordingly.
  • With Rizzo out, Caratini is playing first. Between getting reps at 1B and catching for Darvish, he may get enough playing time to roster as a second catcher in two-catcher formats.
  • Jason Kipnis batting second and starting at DH. This is interesting. Does this mean he could hit as high as 5th when Rizzo comes back and slots into the top of the order?
  • Nico Hoerner starting at 2B and batting 8th. Need to keep an eye on the Rizzo situation. This could lead to Caratini getting more DH run, push Kipnis to 2B and leave Hoerner as the odd man out.
  • J. Baez and Schwarber are firmly planted in the three and four hole. Love to see it.
  • Albert Almora is in fact in while Ian Happ is out. This is concerning. I pegged Happ as an everyday starter for the Cubs between CF and DH and he’s out today.


Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Cole Calhoun is leading off! Um, why?! Regardless, this is a big boost to his value if his holds true.
  • Starling Marte batting 3rd and Ketel batting 2nd. S. Marte in the three hole could hinder the stolen bases a little bit. Not sure I care for this move in the lineup if it holds.
  • I am not a Eduardo Escobar fan but batting cleanup in this lineup is a fantastic place to be.
  • Jake Lamb manning 1B and batting 7th with Christian Walker not in the lineup.
  • Stephen Vogt getting the nod at DH. If he grabs the at-bats at DH this season, it’ll be a huge gain in value in two-catcher leagues.


Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Mookie Betts leading off isn’t a surprise. Has MVP upside.
  • Max Muncy batting 2nd is beautiful. Amazing lineup protection.
  • Justin Turner batting 3rd is just a reminder he’s undervalued in drafts and should be in for an amazing 60-game season.
  • Bellinger batting cleanup isn’t a shocker. Just expected him batting 3rd.
  • Corey Seager hitting in the five hole is very interesting. Would be great for him and the RBI potential.
  • AJ Pollock is back and getting first go at DH. He should get regular run at DH and with health less of a question, it could be beneficial to him this year and he’s a draft day value.
  • Joc pulling the start verse RHP. That’s expected but he’s no longer leading off. Hitting 7th isn’t terrible considering the strength of the lineup but it’s definitely a small hit considering he’s already limited with being in a platoon.
  • Austin Barnes got the nod at catcher over Will Smith. Not only was I already out on Smith because he was hitting at the bottom of the lineup compared to other catchers in his draft range but now he’s not even getting the first look. Worth monitoring if it’s more split than we all thought.

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