2020 MLB DFS Wars

We’re back, baby! And this time, flying by the seat of our pants as we find a site to host us for 2020. All of this assumes we can get a group of touts together in record time. In the middle of a pandemic. But I have faith in your degenerateness, people…

The mission, as always, is to give industry DFSers something to do on Fridays. You know, those big slates. The math should be easy for us this season, as we are looking at 10 Fridays of the regular season.

If you produce any sort of content for the fantasy baseball industry–even tweets can get you in–and you’d like to play against other industry people on Fridays, sign up on the form below.

Right now, considering a $50 buy-in, with 10% off the top to a charity of our choosing. If we get 30 touts, here’s the rough math:

$50 X 30 touts = $1,500

$150 to charity, $1,350 left for prizes

$100 to overall winner (leaves $1,250 for the weekly prizes)

$1,250 divided by 10 weeks is $125 to divide out for each week’s contest winners

Weekly prize structure:

$50 to 1st
$25 to 2nd
$20 to 3rd
$15 to 4th
$10 to 5th

Obviously the prize structure would change depending on how many touts signed up. All monies would be hosted on LeagueSafe and divvied out afterwards by yours truly (don’t worry, I’m trustworthy!).

So let’s do this, ladies and gentlemen. Who wants to do some DFS on Fridays?

For my benefit (visual learner) here are the 10 Fridays we’ll be playing:

July 24
July 31
Aug 7
Aug 14
Aug 21
Aug 28
Sept 4
Sept 11
Sept 18
Sept 25

And that’s it!

Ideas for a charity to donate to can be inserted into the form!

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